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The Art of Rusel Parish

Brooklyn-based artist Rusel Parish uses multi media to highlight his figures. In a series of paintings on paper entitled "42nds Street", Parish plays directly on 40 seconds - those few seconds of obscure movement. The subjects are all captured in various New York City moments.

Parish's most notable series was an installation exhibited at Figureworks in September/October 2009 entitled Cult of Michael Jackson.

michael jackson

The exhibition presented the life of Michael Jackson from childhood to present and had been a focus for Parish over three years. Continuing societies endless fascination with MJ, this work does not judge the addiction but tries to understand its complexities. Presented in a chapel-like format, the work brought together pop expressionism with religious iconography and was a study of how media and cultural obsession met in a powerful way, multiplying images and ideas globally.

This exhibition was not created nor altered around Jackson's death but had been scheduled earlier that year to coincide with Jackson's fall world tour. With this shocking turn of events, the exhibition presented a range of emotions from celebration to sadness.

spike lee
Rusel Parish and Spike Lee

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rusel parish
NYC Rain, oil and gesso on paper, 17" x 20", $600.00

Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, oil and gesso on paper, 22" x 15", $600.00

Coney Island Boardwalk, oil and gesso on paper,, 15" x 22", $600.00