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warren davis
Warren B. Davis (1865-1928)
Nude in Landscape, oil on canvas, 16" x 12"

Figureworks is dedicated to bringing you contemporary and 20th century fine art that explores the human form. Established artists drawing inspiration from the human figure are represented. Figureworks handles a diverse selection of figurative art incorporating the male and female nude, portraiture and narratives. Many mediums are represented including pencil, pen & ink, oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, glass and sculpture.

Figureworks opened in 2000 and is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, where works on this site and related figurative art may be viewed.

arlene morris

Arlene Morris
Untitled, oil on board, 16" x 16" x 2"


Figureworks is pleased to offer original 20th century drawings, paintings and sculpture by prominent WPA, regional and international artists. Artwork will be continually updated as works are sold and/or catalogued. Please contact us for more information concerning pieces posted or additional pieces by listed artists.


: All works within this site are copyrighted and can not be used without Figureworks permission.


george spencer

And The Wiinner Is...
September 6 - October 26, 2014

George Spencer
Vincent Campanella
James Carlin
Laurent Casimir
John Fenton
Eugene Higgins
Lee Jackson
Russell Patterson
Nathan Rapoport
Johannes Schiefer
Lois Williams

Figureworks is pleased to open the fall season with an exhibition exploring the many forms of competition. Whether in sport, nature, or business, there is ultimately a winner and a loser. 

“And the winner is….” features work from George Spencer’s Boxing series.  Spencer is a Brooklyn artist whose paintings are about the contenders, the bloodied yet unbowed.  Using a monochromatic pallet, Spencer layers watered-down acrylic to create a unique portrait of the contender filled with blood, sweat and tears.  In the artist’s words, ”Boxing is simultaneously a thinking man's and a working class sport - both are traits that define me and my relationship with this borough.”

This exhibit will also include paintings and sculpture from a talented and diverse group of 20th century artists. These artists represent the many forms of competition ranging from Eugene Higgin’s gruesome safari hunt to Russell Patterson’s whimsical courtroom scene. A few other works include Lois Williams’ carnival scene, Laurent Casimir’s cock fight, contestants from a 1930’s Central Park dance contest by Lee Jackson, and Nathan Rapoport’s religious sculpture with Jacob wrestling with the angel.

This exhibition reminds the viewer that we are in constant competition throughout our lives even when we are not consciously aware of it. Daily decisions and struggles inevitably result in victory or defeat.



November 14 – December 21, 2014
Reception: Friday, November 14th from 6-9PM
with Williamsburg Every 2nd Friday -  when all galleries stay open late

The Christmas Saga
One Christmas in the mid 1960's, my older sister, Jane, unwrapped a very special present. It was a large, beautiful doll in a special edition box – the perfect gift to steal the heart of a ten-year-old girl. A short while later, our less-privileged cousins came over, and my father, feeling charitable to the only girl in their family, made my sister give her new doll to her cousin.

My mother was furious and my sister was heartbroken. Christmas didn't end well that year.  I felt so badly for my sister that I went upstairs and made a doll from an old toilet paper roll to give her as a replacement. This began a yearly tradition in which Jane has received a unique doll from me on Christmas every year. This collection has become quite eclectic ranging from exquisite finds to those on par with that first creation!

In honor of nearly 50 years of this tradition, I enlisted 50 artists to create a doll for a special exhibition where Jane will be our "guest judge”. Her choice will take first prize in the show and become this year’s Christmas Doll.

When I asked my artists to participate, I had no idea how enthusiastically they would embrace this side-project or how cathartic it would be for so many. Most artists have made direct connections to a similar family event that seeded lasting fond or troubled memories.  As they were given no restrictions, the diversity in this work is inspired, ranging from intimate paintings to abstracted, life-size sculptures. One thing became consistent though – each doll evokes a powerful, emotional response far exceeding my initial request.

I trust this stimulating exhibition may now inspire fond memories for each of you too. Thank you all for ending this season on such a high note at Figureworks. Randall Harris, Director

168 North 6th Street
Williamsburg • Brooklyn, NY 11211

Saturday, Sunday 1 - 6 pm or by appointment


Figureworks has an impressive collective of nationally and internationally recognized figure based artists. With the gallery centrally located in Williamsburg Brooklyn, a cultural center for NYC, great attention is given to local artists. Select artists have been listed on the site with various examples of the diversity found in contemporary figurative artwork.


© NOTICE: All works in this site are copyrighted and can not be used without the artist's permission.